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AI vs. TeleGeography: The Submarine Cable Showdown

The TG workforce is having fun with OpenAI’s new ChatGPT—a synthetic intelligence assistant educated to reply questions and supply data on a variety of subjects—and our Slack channels present it.

As ordinary, we will not assist speaking about telecom, so our analysts have made a recreation of testing ChatGPT’s submarine cable information.

How nicely has it fared?

Listed below are a number of questions from TeleGeography’s Submarine Cable FAQs. We’ll offer you AI’s reply, adopted by our personal, so that you could be the decide.

What number of submarine cables are there?

ChatGPT: There are numerous submarine cables which have been laid world wide to supply telecommunication hyperlinks between nations and continents. In line with a 2020 report by Telegeography, a market analysis agency that makes a speciality of telecommunications, there are at present over 500 submarine cables in service world wide, with a complete size of roughly 1.2 million kilometers.

TeleGeography: As of early 2023, we monitor 552 energetic and deliberate submarine cables. The overall variety of energetic cables is continually altering as new cables enter service and older cables are decommissioned.

What number of kilometers of cable are there?

ChatGPT: It’s tough to offer an actual quantity for the overall size of submarine cables put in world wide, as new cables are being put in on a regular basis and a few older cables are decommissioned. Nevertheless, it’s estimated that there are at present round 1.2 million kilometers (750,000 miles) of submarine cables in operation worldwide.

TeleGeography: As of early 2023, we consider there are almost 1.4 million kilometers of submarine cables in service globally.

Some cables are fairly quick, just like the 131 kilometer CeltixConnect cable between Eire the UK. In distinction, others are extremely lengthy, such because the 20,000 kilometer Asia America Gateway cable. 

The place are these cables?

ChatGPT: Submarine cables are situated all around the world, with some cables connecting continents and others connecting smaller land plenty or islands. There are submarine cables that span the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans, in addition to many smaller our bodies of water. On the whole, submarine cables are concentrated in areas with excessive ranges of worldwide telecommunications visitors, akin to Europe, Asia, and North America.

TeleGeography: The easiest way to reply that is to go to TeleGeography’s Submarine Cable Map.

We’re always updating this free useful resource for example the world’s energetic and deliberate cables. As you will note on the map, almost all nations which have a shoreline are related to a submarine cable.

I’ve heard that sharks are recognized for biting cables. Is that true?

ChatGPT: There have been a number of experiences of sharks biting underwater cables, however it isn’t a standard prevalence. Sharks have sturdy enamel and jaws that may trigger injury to laborious objects, however they don’t seem to be sometimes drawn to cables or different man-made objects. Sharks usually tend to chunk issues that they understand as prey, akin to fish or seals. It’s doable {that a} shark may by chance chunk a cable whereas making an attempt to catch prey that’s close to the cable, however this is able to not be a deliberate act on the a part of the shark.

TeleGeography: That is in all probability one of many greatest myths that we see cited within the press. Whereas it’s true that previously sharks have bitten a number of cables, they don’t seem to be a significant menace.

In line with information from the Worldwide Submarine Cable Safety Committee fish bites (a class that features sharks) accounted for zero cable faults between 2007 and 2014. The vast majority of injury to submarine cables comes from human exercise, primarily fishing and anchoring, not sharks.

There you might have it! Even AI is doing the work to defend sharks in opposition to cable injury misinformation.

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