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An Overview of 3D Methods’ Sturdy Engineering Plastic Supplies

Accura AMX Sturdy Pure

Robust, ABS-like

Accura AMX Sturdy Pure (SLA) is an ABS-like, powerful, production-grade resin with a singular mixture of impression resistance, tear-strength, and elongation at break.

Accura AMX Sturdy Pure is engineered to face up to repeated flexing, bending, and loading, making it ideally suited for cost-efficiently delivering sturdy elements with the excessive floor high quality, accuracy, and repeatability benefits of stereolithography.

This Stereolithography resin is fine-tuned to be used with the next 3D Methods’ SLA printers: ProX 950, ProX 800, ProJet 7000 HD, ProJet 6000 HD, SLA 750



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