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Atlassian Interview Expertise for SDE (Off-Campus) 2022

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Spherical 1 (Screening Spherical): This was a HackerRank check with 4 coding inquiries to be solved in 90 min. It had 1 straightforward, 1 medium, and a pair of onerous coding questions.

Spherical 2 (Technical Interview): This spherical was about 60 min.  Firstly, the interviewer introduce himself after which advised me to introduce myself. It was extra like a dialogue and the interviewer wished to guage my considering course of and communication abilities. The query was,

  • Think about you might be given the entry time and exit time of every Atlassian worker as an interval for the entire
    day. Hypothetically we will have any variety of hours in a day. ”On the finish of the day, that you must work out what number of workers have been within the workplace at every hour”
employee_times = [[1, 2], [5, 6],[1,5]] [[3,1]]
Hour: 00 | Worker Rely: 0
Hour: 01 | Worker Rely: 1
Hour: 02 | Worker Rely: 1
Hour: 03 | Worker Rely: 0
Hour: 04 | Worker Rely: 0
Hour: 05 | Worker Rely: 1
Hour: 06 | Worker Rely: 1
  • The entry_time > exit_time. This may occur when the worker entered at a time on a selected day and exited the following day. Print the whole variety of workers within the workplace per hour no matter the day.
  • The added constraint is that the worker must exit earlier than they spend greater than a day within the workplace.
  • We’re additionally given the max_hours for a day.

Firstly, I gave the brute drive method after which he stated to optimize the method after which I optimized the code utilizing the prefix sum. Nevertheless it took plenty of time which I used to be not in a position to quantify on this spherical.

All of the rounds have been eliminatory. After all of the interview rounds (held on the identical day).


  • Don’t be nervous
  • Attempt to assume and converse loudly
  • They really choose the individuals on the premise of the way you method them now on the way you code.


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