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Cloudera Interview Expertise for SDE (Intern+FTE) On-Campus 2022

Cloudera visited our school in September 2022 for the SDE profile. It was a proposal for a full-time worker and a 6-month necessary internship It consisted of 4 rounds.

Spherical 1: This was a web based coding take a look at carried out on the Hackerrank platform. There have been 4 coding questions. The primary query was a standard logic-based Array drawback, the second was a DP(Dynamic Programming) drawback, and the third query was a linked listing drawback. Total the questions had been medium to onerous degree, and virtually all programming languages had been allowed to make use of.

Spherical 2: This was the primary technical interview and was carried out on a google meet. The interview began on time and it started with a ‘Inform me about your self?’.  Then the interviewer requested questions from OOPS, DBMS, and OS. Then they shared a hyperlink for coding ide. They requested a query to code. The query was “Print all palindromic substrings in a given string”. I solved it utilizing backtracking. She additionally gave a query to code from the ‘sliding window’ idea. After the coding, the questions from Pc fundamentals continued. A number of the questions had been:

  • OS: Course of v/s Thread, Outline Impasse, Outline Hunger, Totally different Scheduling algorithms, What’s a mutex, semaphore, and so on.
  • DBMS: Varieties of database languages (DDL, DML, DCL, TCL), Distinction between SQL & MongoDB, Normalization and totally different normalization kinds, What’s International Key?, Several types of Joins in SQL, 
  • OOPS: Polymorphism v/s Abstraction, Inheritance and its sorts, Error v/s Exception, Operator Overloading, Perform Overloading, and so on.

Ultimately, they requested if I had any questions for them and stated that HR will get in contact with additional communication. Total it was an excellent expertise at this level because the interviewer was very affected person and well mannered. It was a 45min interview and inside an hour, I acquired a hyperlink for my subsequent interview.

Spherical 3: This was the second technical interview and was additionally carried out on a google meet. This additionally started with a ‘Inform me about your self?’. Since, I had expertise in Internet Growth, the interviewer after my introduction went straight into questions from net and net purposes. We had an in depth dialogue on my tasks and previous internships. Then, he requested me a query which was “How would plan to guard your net software from a hacker who has admin credentials in your software and accesses the appliance from an unknown IP handle?”. After this, he requested a number of fundamental questions from Pc Networks just like the 7 layers OSI mannequin, several types of transport protocol, 2-way handshaking v/s 3-way handshaking, and so on. Subsequent, he dived into core Pc Science topics like OS, DBMS, and OOPs. A number of the questions had been:

  • OS: Element clarification of all of the Scheduling algorithms, Preemptive v/s Non-preemptive scheduling, When impasse occurs? What’s Thrashing, Paging, Digital Reminiscence, and so on.
  • DBMS: Use circumstances of SQL and MongoDB, Several types of Joins in SQL, Methods to set up relations in MongoDB, 2 SQL queries had been requested(Discover the third highest wage of an worker from the worker desk).
  • OOPS: Interface v/s Class in Java, Constructor, and kinds of Constructors, Inheritance and its sorts, runtime v/s compile time polymorphisms, how can we obtain abstraction? and so on.

Other than this the interviewer additionally requested me two puzzles, out of which I keep in mind just one which is:

  • There are two rooms. One room has 3 bulbs, and one other room has 3 switches. Every change corresponds to every bulb, however you don’t know which change belongs to which bulb and you’ll’t see from one to a different. You’re presently current within the room with 3 switches and are allowed to go to the opposite room solely as soon as. How will you discover which change belongs to which bulb?

This spherical continued for a bit greater than an hour.  After an hour and a half, I acquired a mail saying I had certified for this spherical and had one other interview.

Spherical 4: This was the final and closing spherical. It was an HM(Hiring Supervisor) Spherical. It began with a really fundamental and quick introduction of mine. He requested about my college days and the way I grew fascinated with Pc Science. Which was probably the most troublesome topic for me throughout my B. Tech and the way I dealt with it. We had an in depth dialog about how I grew fascinated with Pc and Internet Functions during the last 3 years in my B.Tech course. Subsequent, he requested me if I may design a Flight Reservation System by making use of the oops idea and the way would I implement totally different oops ideas. Finally, he requested what I knew concerning the firm. There was an in depth dialogue on this. This was extra of a behavioral spherical and the interviewer was testing me on how I’d react in several difficult conditions.


  • Be trustworthy, don’t attempt to make issues up, they may catch!
  • They don’t anticipate us to reply each query completely, however they take a look at our considering means, our strategy to totally different questions, and the way we act in troublesome conditions
  •  Attempt going by all the essential ideas and staying calm through the interviews.

All The Finest!



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