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Construct an reasonably priced coloration mixer field for pictures

Construct an reasonably priced coloration mixer field for pictures

Arduino StaffDecember sixth, 2022

Lighting is the only most vital issue with regards to capturing good photographs. For a standard setup, you in all probability need diffuse, oblique mild in a pure coloration. However you will get extra inventive with using coloured mild. RGB field lights allow you to set no matter hue you need, however they aren’t low cost. Arnov Sharma’s coloration mixer field is each reasonably priced and versatile.

It is a comparatively small mild field and so it alone isn’t appropriate for lighting a whole scene, except you desire a darkish and moody really feel. However it’s good for including coloured highlights or illuminating small objects in close-up photographs. Three knobs allow you to regulate the colour channels, so you’ll be able to dial within the precise hue you need. An OLED show reveals every channel’s set brightness and that makes it straightforward to breed colours that you simply set up to now. Energy can come from both a USB cable or a battery pack.

To construct this coloration mixer field, you’ll first want Sharma’s DIY WS2812 individually addressable RGB LED matrix. That places 128 LEDs on a single PCB in a 16×8 grid. An Arduino Nano board controls the LEDs in accordance with the brightness values set by the three potentiometers. The settings readout is an SSD1306-based OLED display screen. A PCB breadboard will make it straightforward to assemble the elements and a easy 3D-printed body piece holds the whole lot collectively. The Arduino sketch makes use of Adafruit’s SSD1306 and NeoPixel libraries, and easily units each LED to the identical coloration chosen with the potentiometers. 

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