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Construct your individual espresso roaster out of a scorching air popcorn popper

Construct your individual espresso roaster out of a scorching air popcorn popper

Arduino GroupNovember twenty second, 2022

Inexperienced (unroasted) espresso beans value about half as a lot as their roasted counterparts. By buying inexperienced espresso beans, it can save you fairly a bit of cash in the long run. Roasting your individual espresso beans additionally provides you a lot higher management over the flavour profile and caffeine content material of your espresso (caffeine content material is a debatable subject, however gentle roasts appear to have extra caffeine as a result of general density). However shopping for a espresso roasting machine can drain your financial savings, which is why you would possibly wish to observe Eric Sorensen’s lead and construct your individual espresso roaster.

Roasting espresso beans shouldn’t be a fancy course of. In principle, you might roast your wake-up beans in any outdated oven. However devoted machines can roast the beans with extra consistency to keep away from burned or under-roasted people. These machines are similar to the air poppers used for popping popcorn. They include a heating factor and a motor that spins a fan and agitates the beans. However espresso bean roasting machines add precision temperature management, which will increase their value dramatically. By including your individual temperature management to an affordable air popper, it can save you some huge cash and nonetheless get nice outcomes.

This mission requires a couple of elements along with the air popper itself (which you’ll be able to in all probability get free of charge at a thrift retailer). These components embody an Arduino Uno board, a Nextion touchscreen LCD panel, an L298N motor driver, an Adafruit MCP9600 thermocouple breakout board, and a relay.

The Arduino controls the heating factor via the relay with PID management, which implies that it modulates energy to retain a specified temperature. It screens the temperature with the thermocouple via the breakout board. The motor driver controls the air popper’s fan, which blows air via the beans and helps to agitate them throughout roasting. The touchscreen gives an interface to pick roasting temperature and time. The firmware written by Sorensen additionally helps roasting profiles, so you possibly can simply choose from preset parameters as soon as you determine which roasting settings work properly. 

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