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Crossword Puzzle Of The Week #1 (for DSA)

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On this situation of Crossword Puzzle of the week, we are going to dive into the subjects of Information Buildings and Algorithms (DSA). The answer to the crossword puzzle is offered on the finish.

Crossword Puzzle #1 - by GeeksforGeeks

Crossword Puzzle #1 – by GeeksforGeeks



1. A ______ is sort of a line ready to buy tickets, the place the primary particular person in line is the primary particular person served.

2. _______ is the method of arranging knowledge right into a significant order.

3. _______ are a set of distinct parts.

4. which knowledge construction If it’s good to take away or add parts to the ends of a linear sequence?

5. ______ knowledge sort used for the storage of letters in C++?


2. Which knowledge construction follows the LIFO property?

6. A _______ is a set of nodes related to one another via “edges” that are both directed or undirected.

7. _______ is an strategy for fixing an issue by deciding on the most suitable choice accessible in the intervening time.

8. _____ is a set of parts that may be individually referenced by utilizing an index to a singular identifier.

9. A ______ operate solves a selected downside by calling a duplicate of itself.

Resolution for Crossword Puzzle #1:

Solution for Crossword Puzzle #1 - by GeeksforGeeks

Resolution for Crossword Puzzle #1 – by GeeksforGeeks



1. Queue
2. Sorting
3. Units
4. Deque
5. Char


2. Stack
6. Timber
7. Grasping
8. Array
9. Recursion



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