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Definitions, 8 Varieties and Examples

Parts of Speech

Components of Speech

No matter we are saying or write might be thought-about “Speech” and all of the phrases which have been utilized in that speech has a job which is referred to by A part of Speech. There are totally different roles a phrase can play, thus there are totally different elements of speech. In whole, there are 8 elements of speech.     

What’s a A part of Speech?

The English language has 1000’s of phrases and each phrase has some operate to carry out. Some phrases are there to indicate motion, some to affix, and a few to call one thing. And collectively, all of the capabilities carried out by phrases within the English language fall underneath Components of speech.           

8 Components of Speech Desk

Varieties Perform Examples Sentences
Noun Refers Issues or individual Pen, Chair, Ram, Honesty

Automobiles are costly.

This chair is of wooden.

Ram is a topper.

Honesty is one of the best coverage.

Pronoun Replaces a noun I, you, he, she, it, they

They’re costly.

It’s of wooden.

He’s a topper.

It’s the finest coverage

Adjective Describes a noun

Tremendous, Purple, Our, Massive, Nice


Tremendous vehicles are costly

Purple chair is for youths

Ram is a category topper.

Nice issues take time.

Verb Describes motion or state Play, be, work, love, like

I play soccer

I will likely be a health care provider

I wish to work

I really like writing poem.

Adverb Describes a verb, adjective or adverb Silently, too, very

I really like studying silently.

It’s too robust to deal with.

He can communicate very quick.

Preposition Hyperlinks a noun to a different phrase at, in, of, after, underneath,

The ball is underneath the desk.

I’m at a restaurant.

she is in hassle.

I’m going after her.

It’s so good of him

Conjunction Joins clauses and sentences and, however, although, after

First, I’ll go to varsity after which I could go to fest.

I don’t have a automobile however I understand how to drive.

She failed the examination although she labored exhausting.

He’ll come after he end his match. 

Interjection Reveals exclamation oh!, wow!, alas! Hurray!

Oh! I bought fail once more.

Wow! I bought the job.

Alas! She isn’t any extra.

Hurray! we’re going to social gathering. 

8 Components of Speech Examples with Sentence


Examples: Baggage, Cattle.

Sentence:  By no means go away your baggage unattended.

In some locations, cattle are fed barely.


Examples: who, both, themselves

Sentence: I do know a person who performs the guitar very effectively.

Both of the 2 vehicles is on the market.

They loved themselves on the social gathering.


Examples: type, shifting, wounder.


She is a form individual.

Boarding a shifting bus might be harmful.

By no means poke a wounded animal.


Examples: Reward, Hate, Punish

Sentence: She at all times praises her buddies.

I don’t hate anyone.

The boy has been punished by his instructor


Examples: All the time, sufficient, instantly

Sentence: we must always at all times assist one another.

We must be sensible sufficient to know what is nice for us.

We should always go away unhealthy habits instantly.


Examples: Off, Beneath, From. to


He plunged off the cliff

I reside beneath the ninth flooring.

I journey every day from Delhi to Noida.


Examples: whereas, in addition to, so, 

Sentence: The brand new software program is pretty easy whereas the outdated one was a bit sophisticated.

The finance firm shouldn’t be performing effectively in addition to a few of its rivals.

He was prepared so he could come. 


Examples: oops! whoa! phew! 

Sentence: Oops! I forgot to say her title.

Whoa! you drive quick. 

Phew! That was shut name, we had a slim escape.

Components of Speech Quiz

Select the proper Components of Speech of the BOLD phrase from the next questions.

1. Let us play, Shall We?

       a. Conjunction

       b. Pronoun

       c. Verb

2.  It is an effective apply to rearrange books on cabinets.

      a. Verb

      b. Noun

      c. Adjective

3. Whose books are these?

      a. Pronoun

     b. Preposition

     c. verb

4.  Father, please get me that toy. 

     a. Pronoun

     b. Adverb

     c. Adjective

5.  His mentality is relatively obnoxious.

     a. Adverb

     b. Adjective

     c. Noun

6.  He’s the man whose cash bought stolen.

      a. Pronoun

      b. Conjunction

      c. Adjective

7. I’ll have completed my semester by the tip of this yr.

      a. Interjection

      b. Conjunction

      c. Preposition

8. Bingo! That’s the one I’ve been on the lookout for

    a. Interjection

     b. Conjunction

     c. Preposition

Quiz Solutions

1. c,  2. b,  3. a,  4. c,  5. a,  6. b,  7. c,  8. a

FAQs on Components of Speech

Que 1. What are Components of Speech?

Ans. A phrase is assigned to a class as per its operate, and people classes are collectively often known as Components of Speech.

Que 2. What are the 8 Components of Speech?

Ans. Noun, Pronoun, Adjective, Verb, Adverb, Preposition, Conjunction, Interjection.

Que 3. What number of Components of Speech are there?

Ans. There are a complete of 8 elements of Speech.

Que 4. What A part of Speech is “our”?

Ans. Adjective. Eg. Our automobile.

Que 5. What A part of Speech is “Shortly”?

Ans. Adverb. allow us to perceive it with this instance – Milk sours rapidly in heat climate.




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