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Distinction between Binary Search Tree and AVL Tree

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Binary Search Tree:

A binary search tree can also be known as an ordered or sorted binary tree as a result of the in-order traversal of binary search tree is all the time in sorted order. 

A binary search tree is a binary tree with solely two branches by which every node of the left subtree is lower than or equal and every node in the correct subtree is larger. A binary Search Tree is a node-based binary tree knowledge construction. We are able to carry out preorder, in-order, and post-order traversal utilizing the Binary Search tree.

AVL Tree: 

AVL tree is a self-balancing Binary Search Tree the place the distinction between heights of left and proper subtrees can’t be greater than 1 for all nodes. This distinction is named the Steadiness Issue i.e. 0, 1, and -1.

With a view to carry out this balancing, we carry out the next rotations on the unbalanced/imbalanced Binary Search Tree to make it an AVL tree.

  • Left Rotation
  • Proper Rotation
  • Left Proper Rotation
  • Proper Left Rotation

Following are the Distinction between Binary Search Tree and AVL Tree

S.No Binary Search Tree AVL Tree
1. In Binary Search Tree, In AVL Tree, each node doesn’t comply with the stability issue. In AVL Tree, each node follows the stability issue i.e. 0, 1, -1.
2. Each Binary Search tree shouldn’t be an AVL tree. Each AVL tree is a Binary Search tree.
3. Easy to implement. Complicated to implement.
4. The peak or depth of the tree is O(n). The peak or depth of the tree is O(logn)
5. Looking out shouldn’t be environment friendly when there are numerous nodes within the Binary Search tree.  Looking out is environment friendly as a result of trying to find the specified node is quicker as a result of balancing of peak. 
6. The Binary Search tree construction consists of three fields left subtree, knowledge, and proper subtree.  AVL tree construction consists of 4 fields left subtree, knowledge, proper subtree, and balancing issue.
7. It isn’t a balanced tree. It’s a balanced tree.
8. In Binary Search tree. Insertion and deletion are simple as a result of no rotations are required.  In an AVL tree, Insertion and deletion are advanced because it requires a number of rotations to stability the tree.


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