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High 50 Most Requested Google Tough Interview Questions

Google is a dream office for each software program developer to work in, It is without doubt one of the greatest in each side, be it the initiatives their workers work on or work-life steadiness. So, to be part of such an superior office one should be adequately ready for its Technical and behavioral rounds of the hiring course of. 

Google Interview Course of:

1) On-line assessments: That is the primary stage a candidate goes by way of after submitting their resume.

2) Brief digital chats: The candidate will usually have one or two transient cellphone calls or video chats earlier than shifting on to longer interviews.

3) Undertaking work: Occasionally, Google advances candidates to the stage of the in-depth interview solely after they’ve accomplished a short venture. This aids of their understanding of the way you assume and method issues, and it may entail making a case examine or providing writing or code samples.

4) In-depth interviews: Google is what Googlers make it, subsequently we get passionate about interviews and take them significantly. Our procedures may be strict (sometimes 3-4 interviews in in the future, both over video or in individual).

5) Googliness Interviews: Google started conducting this new interview in 2020. The behavioral interview is generally used to find out whether or not a candidate would slot in with the corporate’s tradition.

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Top 50 Most Asked Google Tricky Interview Questions

High 50 Most Requested Google Tough Interview Questions

Most Requested Google Interview Behavioral Questions

When a candidate will get by way of the technical interviews they transfer forward to a different particular around the Googliness Spherical during which some difficult questions are requested, The motive behind Googliness spherical as google says is:

“We wish to get a really feel for what makes you, w, ell, you. We additionally wish to be certain it is a place you’ll thrive, so we’ll be in search of indicators round your consolation with ambiguity, your bias to motion and your collaborative nature.”

One may take the chance of taking these rounds calmly and find yourself risking all of the efforts and laborious work, to be secure one should put together for this spherical Some essential questions which might be requested within the Googliness interview spherical are answered under:

1) There are months with 30 days and others with 31 days. What number of months have 28 days?

An intuitive reply that involves our thoughts is February however the appropriate reply can be all months as all twelve months have 28 or extra days.

2) You wish to convey your canine to the workplace however considered one of your colleagues is allergic to canines. What is going to you do?

This query checks how one would method conflicting conditions with colleagues. The right method to deal with such an issue is to go away your canine at residence.

3) What do you assume the time period “Googley” means?

A candidate should have a superb information of the corporate and its work tradition earlier than making use of for the corporate. Google appears for loopy however progressive nerds of their candidates. So being Googley means being a loopy nerd who would all the time do the appropriate factor, that’s a proper match at Google.

4) Might you clarify why the Google homepage is generally clean? 

To keep away from annoying pop-ups and ads, the Founders of Google have tried to make it easy for the customers and this finally led to a plain and higher interface with solely the Google search bar

5) You will have a bit of paper that’s 1mm thick. What number of occasions would it’s essential to fold the piece of paper in half for it to be excessive sufficient to achieve the moon?

This query checks how one would react when dealing with an surprising query and the way cash understands totally different conditions involving exponential progress.

The farthest distance of the moon from Earth is roughly 405,000 kilometers. If the piece of paper is folded 39 occasions it is going to be raised to a top of 549,755 km which is greater than the space from the earth to the moon.

You have a piece of paper that is 1mm thick. How many times would you need to fold the piece of paper in half for it to be high enough to reach the moon?

You will have a bit of paper that’s 1mm thick. What number of occasions would it’s essential to fold the piece of paper in half for it to be excessive sufficient to achieve the moon?

6) How would you clarify the web to somebody who has no clue what it’s?

This query checks the information of candidates in regards to the Web which is the principle space the place Google operates and in addition checks the communication expertise of candidates to elucidate issues within the easiest phrases. 

A great reply could possibly be -the  Web lets computer systems join and talk and do a whole lot of different issues with one another with none {hardware} connection between them simply by way of the technique of the web.

7) What would you spend your time doing if working was not crucial?

This query is focused on the ardour of the candidate. If one doesn’t must work for his or her livelihood, they might solely do issues that they love. So the candidate has to share their ardour, it could possibly be enjoying soccer, touring the world, constructing video video games, swimming, dancing, and so on.

8) Which is your favourite product from Google, and the way would you make it higher?

A candidate should have a superb understanding of Google’s merchandise if they’re showing for an interview at Google, They should know the way many of the Google merchandise like Google Maps, Google Drive, Gmail, and  Google voice assistant work.

9) What number of haircuts are made yearly in america?

This query checks your thought processes moderately than the correct variety of haircuts which might be made within the US yearly trigger that may be virtually unimaginable to search out. You possibly can guess by contemplating some assumptions like a mean American will get a haircut each month, which is a complete of twelve occasions yearly. Now merely multiply this quantity(12) by America’s inhabitants to get an approximate determine of the variety of haircuts which might be made yearly in america.

10) Do you like studying or incomes?

This query checks whether or not you goal on enhancing your expertise or being profitable. Google appears for candidates who present a dedication to steady enchancment of their expertise.

This doesn’t imply that pay shouldn’t be essential. An excellent reply can be: I’d select a place that gives me with a superb alternative to enhance my expertise and earn effectively. 

11) How do cookies transfer alongside by way of the HTTP protocol?

As a part of an HTTP protocol,l a cookie is transmitted by way of the header subject. 

When the primary time a browser connects with a specific server no cookies are current. Then the server creates a novel identifier and later returns a Set-Cookie: header in response which accommodates an identifier. Usually, the cookie is saved by the browser and despatched along with requests to the identical server in a Cookie HTTP header. A cookie’s expiration date or the window of time after which it shouldn’t be transmitted could be pace.

12) If you’re given a spacecraft and $1 billion, how would you remedy mankind’s largest drawback?

Google targets on fixing a number of the largest issues of the world. Google has a analysis facility in California the place its X’s moonshot initiatives are carried out. These initiatives are focused at fixing a number of the most excessive issues on the earth. The Candidate is predicted to reply this query to showcase their information about one of the secret initiatives of google.

13) Would it not be a good suggestion for Google to begin charging Gmail customers $1 monthly?

This query is to test your information of the google ecosystem that can take a success, as clients will begin to give up the platform because of the price. Because the disadvantages weigh greater than the benefits, It wouldn’t be advisable to monetize a service like Gmail as the price of establishing and sustaining the cost transactions would hold the thought from being a worthwhile initiative.

14) Who do you imagine are Google’s most important rivals? How does Google stand aside?

The Interviewer can inform you probably have a agency grasp of which different companies guidelines the market the place Google can be current by asking you this query. This may be very true for occupations that target merchandise, similar to product supervisor and software program growth positions, the place the flexibility to outperform different companies is a given.

An Splendid reply to this query can be – Relying on the trade, Google’s key rivals might embrace Microsoft, Fb, Netflix, Waze, and a number of other different firms. Google’s capability to attach its providers and produce a seamless cross-platform expertise is without doubt one of the key differentiators. Google affords an enormous number of providers, too. It encourages a degree of consolation with the merchandise and platforms that you wouldn’t essentially expertise with a number of the rivals.

15) What’s your favourite Google product? What would you do to enhance it?

The candidate’s familiarity with Google’s providers is examined by this query. Any Google product may be chosen so long as the candidate can enthusiastically focus on it and provide a pertinent advice.

An Splendid reply will appear to be this – The Google product I take advantage of probably the most is YouTube. For people who want to provide their concepts, expertise, and recommendation, the platform itself is tremendously empowering and interesting. I’ve personally used it so much to analysis points, study new issues, or simply go a while having enjoyable.

If I may change something about YouTube, I might make it potential to change the advisable movies. This concern could be solved by giving customers the choice to ask YouTube to show them much less related content material to a sure video.

16) How do you just be sure you and your colleagues stay accountable?

Each employer views accountability as important. Google desires to know in case you are able to dealing with your duties and holding your self to an appropriate customary. Moreover, if collaborative initiatives are the norm, the hiring supervisor may favor candidates who can hold crew members accountable.

17) You’re offered with six glasses organized in a row, The primary three glasses are empty, whereas the following three glasses are filled with juice. You’re required to rearrange these glasses such that vacant glasses alternate with full glasses. You’re solely allowed to maneuver one glass. How do you do it?

Your artistic capacity will probably be examined by this query. The content material of the fifth glass ought to be poured into the second glass. It will outcome within the desired association of glasses.

You are required to arrange these glasses such that empty glasses alternate with full glasses. You are only allowed to move one glass. How do you do it?

You’re required to rearrange these glasses such that vacant glasses alternate with full glasses. You’re solely allowed to maneuver one glass. How do you do it?

18) Between a flower store and a funeral residence, which has better promoting potential?

This query checks your understanding of Google’s enterprise mannequin since promoting is considered one of its major income sources. Thus you have to clarify why you imagine one has extra promoting potential than the opposite in your response to this query.

For Instance: At a funeral,l no person can be trying to find commercials. They’d merely go there to mourn their loss. Individuals go to flower outlets for quite a lot of functions, together with décor, funeral preparations, or simply shopping for a flower for a liked one.

19) When you bought this job, what prank would you pull in your supervisor?

This can be a trick query meant to test each your persona and your familiarity with the office tradition.

Given that almost all of Google workers are pleasurable to be round however pulling a joke in your supervisor isn’t one thing an worker ought to do as a substitute an worker ought to make each effort to help their Supervisor. Ultimately,d you by no means know in regards to the every day actions that your employer engages no matter they’re it should be demanding for them to deal with so attempt to hold them completely happy and at peace.

20) Why are manhole covers spherical?

Because of the spherical form of manhole covers, they don’t require rotation. There aren’t any corners to watch out with. It’s also safer as a result of a round manhole cowl gained’t fall right into a gap whether it is turned the flawed means.

21) Assume an advertiser makes $0.10 each time an advert is clicked. Solely 20% of holiday makers click on on this advert. How many individuals does the advertiser want to go to the positioning for him to make $20?

When you’re uncomfortably seated in entrance of a panel even a easy query like this will look like fairly advanced. The response to this question is a thousand individuals.

22) Do you’ve got an IQ of greater than 130?

The worst potential response to this query can be “Sure” which is meant to check mental humility. Remembering your IQ rating conveys a false sense of vulnerability and self-esteem.

23) There are 1000 wine bottles. One of many bottles accommodates poisoned wine. A rat dies after one hour of consuming the poisoned wine. What number of minimal rats are wanted to determine which bottle accommodates poison in an hour?

The plan is to label every bottle with the corresponding binary quantity and quantity it from 1 to 1000. Within the binary numbers written on the bottles, every rat is given a location. Take this for example. Rat 1 signifies the primary bit in each bottle, rat 2 represents the second bit, and so forth. Bottle quantity 42 (Binary 0000101010) is poisoned if rats 2, 4, and 6 die.

To find the poisoned bottle, we’d like ten rats. The binary quantity system was used to provide the result. Utilizing Log21000, we arrive at 10.

24) What number of methods are there for locating a needle in a haystack?

Your capability for creativity and unique thought will probably be examined by this query. There are numerous potentialities for this query’s responses.

You may determine to make use of a metallic detector, you would determine to burn the haystack at a temperature that preserves the needle whereas turning the hay into ashes, otherwise you may determine to patiently go over every straw of hay, nevertheless,r this might take you many months to search out the needle.

25)  How would you describe AdWords to a7-year-old?

The aim of this query is to test your information of how AdWords capabilities and your capability for clearly articulating a fancy characteristic.

An Splendid reply to this query will appear to be this:

Suppose that you’ve got many sweets that you simply wish to promote and your entire universe is your buddy. You crave to eat Nachos and also you notice that you may commerce sweets for Nachos. You possibly can ask them for Nachos and provides them considered one of your sweets as a result of everyone seems to be your buddy. We ought to offer others what we’ve and in alternate,e they offer us what we would like.

Now that you’re conscious of how huge the universe is, how do you talk with them with out their cellphone quantity? Fb and  Instagram are additionally out of accessible choices.

Right here comes into the image of everybody’s buddy Google. Consequently, everybody tells Google what gadgets they’ve that buyers should purchase from them. Anybody might use Google to seek for something they need, and Google will present a listing of all their mates who can present it, together with data on get hold of it, what the buddies need, the place they dwell, and so on.

It’s possible you’ll subsequently present Google with all the knowledge it wants about your sweets, and Google will show that data anytime somebody searches for sweets. Merely kind “Nachos” into Google to search out the Nachos you need, and it’ll show your whole mates that may reward you Nachos.

Each time somebody searches for one thing and selects one of many buddy alternate options, the buddy pays Google a tiny price for linking them. It is because Google is being sort and connecting all these friends.

26) When you needed to clarify the significance of HTML to Sergey Brin after which to your grandmother, how would you do it?

Your communication expertise will probably be evaluated by this query. It checks your capability to convey a sophisticated thought in each technical and comprehensible language.

You’d make the most of technical terminology whereas explaining Sergey Brin as a result of Sergey Brin is a pc scientist however when explaining to your grandma, you would want to make use of on a regular basis English as a result of it’s possible that she gained’t grasp the technical jargon.

27) When you had $10 million in your account, how would you spend it?

The aim of this query is to divulge to the interviewer what your high priorities are. One can let you know what your values are? by the place your cash goes. The reply to this will probably be reflecting your values so the reply should be focused to the sector of development within the subject of expertise and the welfare of individuals to make our lives simpler and remedy issues.  

28) Are you incompetent and Lazy?

Solely competent candidates will probably be employed, however that doesn’t imply it is best to settle for a place for which you’re ineligible. This query shouldn’t be answered, thus “clever and energetic” is the suitable response.

29) What number of occasions do the fingers of a clock overlap every day?

Merely put, the aim of this query is to throw you off guard and see the way you reply when beneath strain. Every single day, a clock’s fingers cross over one another 22 occasions.

30)  In your opinion, do individuals have to make use of their authorized names when establishing a Gmail account?

One doesn’t have to make use of their actual title or their Google username to finish their profile. One can enter your nickname so long as it actually feels like a primary title and it’s to go.

31) Have you ever ever executed one thing professionally, risked so much, and failed? What was it? What made you are taking the chance, and what did you are taking away from it?

Google appears to like innovation, and with innovation comes dangers. So, when Google finds a artistic individual, it’s appreciative and respectful of the braveness to do one thing nobody else would. There ought to be one thing to assist that subsequent effort reach future endeavors. It could possibly be a startup that you simply ever labored on rising, a small enterprise, or any totally different occupation

32) What drew you to Google within the first place?

The applicant should clarify how their {qualifications} match these of Google, the employer, and the actual place they’re making use of for on this query. That is your time to show that you’re certified for the place and are acquainted with the enterprise as a substitute of Though it’s a very essential side to some, the existence of providing causes like free meals and the prospect to convey your pet to the Googleplex shouldn’t be what you wish to do right here.

Google always rolls out new {hardware} and software program. This group may profit out of your expertise as an app developer. Inform them that you simply wish to meet with the crew to discover how one can be of help.

33) What’s your information of Google’s historical past

Google LLC, previously generally known as Google Inc. (1998-2017), is an American enterprise that creates, produces, and distributes software program throughout a spread of technological fields. It’s headquartered in Mountain View, California. Google handles greater than 70% of all world on-line search inquiries, making it essential to the expertise of nearly all of web customers.

Google initially solely targeting its search characteristic, however it now supplies a variety of providers, together with electronic mail, software program for creating paperwork, and extra. Nevertheless, it was in a position to provide its {hardware} after buying Motorola Mobility in 2012.

Alongside Apple, IBM, and Microsoft, Google ranks as one of many 4 largest companies due to the breadth of its product line, scale, and impression on the high-tech trade. Nevertheless, the success of the corporate is primarily on account of its search engine.

In 2016, Google solely acquired cash from adverts based mostly on individuals’s search queries.

34) Are you able to give me an instance of a time if you and your supervisor had been at odds? How did you two lastly agreed?

This query checks your open-mindedness for listening and accepting concepts in addition to presenting yours in entrance of them and coming to a conclusion that advantages the corporate. On this query,n purpose for odds between you and your supervisor could possibly be concerning some thought associated to any ongoing venture or there could be some misunderstanding the led odds between you and your supervisor, the interviewer expects you to offer a solution the place you calmly tried to eradicate the variations.  

For instance, You had had a disagreement together with your employer a couple of alternative that may have been very costly for the enterprise. It was about how we might handle our worker’s journey bills, and I provided a method that helped the enterprise save roughly $1000. I ready a doc containing my technique and despatched it to him by way of electronic mail, requesting an in-person dialogue. We adopted the plan as a result of he embraced it, and all the things turned out improbable.

35)  Share a element about your self that you simply haven’t put in your resume.

These sorts of interview questions are steadily utilized by interviewers to gauge your persona and decide how rapidly you may assume in your toes. Put together a particular trait about your self that isn’t talked about in your resume or every other supplies you’ve submitted. Watch out to not oversell your self or come throughout as unprofessional, but additionally take care to keep away from being flustered and having bother talking. 
As an illustration,e When you declare that you may drink two pints of beers in 30 seconds the interviewer may wish to know why that talent is related to their enterprise. So give spectacular details about you that can be related to the enterprise like some achievement that you simply could be happy with however couldn’t point out in your resume. 

36) On common, what do probably the most profitable individuals on this place share in frequent?

The vast majority of profitable individuals on this place not solely have a willingness to work laborious and study, however in addition they have quite a lot of ardour for his or her job and their subject of experience.

37) What steps may YouTube take to enhance its enterprise mannequin?

At present, YouTube is a free service for customers, and its most important income is promoting. For individuals who wish to escape commercials, YouTube might present premium accounts. Providing viewers pay-per-view movies and only-available-with-a-subscription content material is an extra alternative.

38)  What do you consider Google charging for his or her productiveness apps? Do you agree or disagree?

I disapprove of Google charging for its productiveness instruments. Since not everybody is able to pay for software program, charging for these apps will make it troublesome for them to draw a big consumer base. Many customers don’t wish to pay for these apps as a result of they use them every day as a part of their jobs. They will expertise a drop in customers on account of these charges, or they could even lose potential shoppers on account of the excessive prices.

39)  What does multithreaded programming imply?  

Multithreading is a characteristic that allows the parallel execution of two or extra program parts for optimum CPU effectivity. Every element of such software program is named a thread. Due to this fact, threads are gentle processes inside a course of.

40) Decide an app out of your cellphone’s residence display screen. What do you want about it? What do you dislike about it?

I wish to categorical my opinion in regards to the anydoc app that I’ve on my cellphone’s residence display screen. I admire that it has a whole lot of capabilities however continues to be easy to make use of. Nevertheless, there are some things I don’t like about it, such because the month-to-month price that you have to pay even in the event you don’t use all the capabilities. Moreover, the complexity and reminiscence utilization of the software program trigger my cellphone to take longer besides up.

41) Given an autosuggest concern in a creating nation, what steps would you are taking to appropriate it? 

Following are just a few actions to do to repair an autosuggest drawback for searches in a creating nation:

  • Decide the key phrases which might be usually searched in your nation and confirm their viability as autosuggest recommendations by viewing dwell outcomes, making an attempt out potential acronyms, and so on.
  • Search for comparable nations or areas the place you could try it out earlier than introducing it on a broader scale.

42) Point out what’s the weight of the empire state constructing?

The interviewer asks this question to probe the candidate’s psychological processes. The aim of such questions is to evaluate the candidate’s capacity to make educated guesses. Though it’s a little difficult in case you are expert with numbers and height-width calculations, you’ll undoubtedly discover a solution. The reply to this concern, after taking into consideration all of the elements, similar to a single story with top, weight, and so on., is roughly 750,000tonss or 1.5 billion kilos of weight.

43) Clarify how 5 minus two equal 4?

That is one other difficult query requested in a google interview When you take f and e from 5 what stays is the Roman numeral iv.

5 minus two(F and e) provides iv(4)

44) Clarify the importance of “lifeless beef”?

The fitting response {that a} candidate may give is “DEADBEEF” a hexadecimal worth that was utilized in debugging throughout the mainframe/meeting period, making it easy to establish when figuring out and finding specific reminiscence in pages of hex dumps. The vast majority of pc engineers have heard this time period. Usually, individuals will reply, “Beef is all the time lifeless,” to this query.

45) A crimson home is product of crimson bricks; a blue home is made up of blue bricks what does the greenhouse is made up of?

A construction with a glass roof and partitions is named a greenhouse. Tropical flowers and tomatoes are among the many vegetation which might be grown in greenhouses. Even within the winter, a greenhouse retains a snug temperature inside.

46) What do you assume are the three qualities to work at Google? To make the interviewer imagine that you’re desirous to study extra and make investments your self within the agency, it’s essential to present them that you’re conscious of GOOGLE’s beliefs and attributes when answering this query in a Google interview.

Three qualities that can make a candidate a superb match for working at GOOGLE are: 

  • One should work laborious and have quite a lot of ardour for his or her work
  • Understanding and inspiring the group to deal with everybody with dignity and respect
  • Establishing a contented office requires a optimistic outlook and cooperation with coworkers to simply accept and have in mind everybody’s views.

47) How would you persuade a consumer to transition to our cloud options?

To reply this query in a google interview your technical experience, problem-solving capacity, communication talents, and persuasiveness will all be evaluated by this query.

Begin with a comparable expertise to assist the consumer relationship with the issue from that have, after which completely describe the difficulty at hand. Show an consciousness of the wants of the consumer, together with why they might require this answer and the way it will assist them. Talk about the product’s benefits over rivals as effectively.

Clarify the channels of contact you’ll make use of, in addition to the instruments you’ll make the most of to work together with the consumer and ship your message, together with any follow-up inquiries.

48) Clarify a database in a single sentence to your eight-year-old nephew.

A database is similar to an individual who remembers a whole lot of data on a variety of subjects and supplies that data to others as wanted.

49) If an advertiser doesn’t see the advantage of Adwords on account of poor conversions, how would you persuade them to remain on board? 

This query checks your convincing expertise, problem-solving capacity, and communication expertise the reply to this query ought to be like:

I’d strive to determine why conversion charges are low initially. In conditions like this, the difficulty is typical with the consumer’s web site.

I can both promote them a brand new web site or make enhancements to their present one, so my technique is moderately easy. On the opposite aspect, I can create a touchdown web page utilizing a platform like Unbounce to test whether or not we generate any leads or shut any gross sales. Nevertheless, this technique is greatest used for lead technology moderately than e-commerce.

It’s possible you’ll check to see whether or not your conversion monitoring is efficient and guarantee that you’re monitoring each conversion you may, together with cellphone conversions, gross sales, and get in touch with type conversions. Often, although conversions are occurring as a result of they don’t seem to be being recorded, a consumer might not expertise any advantages. You need to show the effectiveness of your Adwords ads to them. Adwords solely presents an issue in the case of changing views, in different phrases. Give them statistics such because the length of their go to, the variety of pages they noticed, and the bounce fee. Nevertheless, go into it realizing what the difficulty is and resolve it. Even when it’s merely a check, let the consumer know that you simply recognized a possible concern and provided a possible answer.

50) Might you briefly clarify AdWords to somebody unfamiliar with the product and internet advertising?   

On this query, you’ll be judged in your capacity to elucidate a difficult enterprise problem and discover a answer. It doesn’t matter how a lot you recognize, what issues is how effectively you may clarify it to another person. Firms make the most of Google Advertisements, a platform for internet advertising, to promote their items and providers on Google Search, YouTube, and different web sites. Firms can even select the kind of visitors they need their promoting to usher in with Google Advertisements. Advertisers can tailor their budgets, and goal audiences, and begin or cease their promoting every time they need with a Google Advertisements account.


Our dialogue to this point has led us to the conclusion that the Googliness spherical is essential within the hiring course of for Google and to arrange for it we’ve mentioned the highest 50 Questions which have already been requested by Google. To know extra in regards to the hiring course of Google refer – Google hiring course of and for devoted observe to ace your Google Interview comply with GeeksforGeeks Interview Collection.

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