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Interactive Halloween costume lets passersby play Wordle

Interactive Halloween costume lets passersby play Wordle

Arduino StaffNovember 1st, 2022

You’re most likely already accustomed to the sport Wordle — it was a success in 2021 after which took the world by storm when The New York Instances bought it in 2022. The gameplay is easy to grasp, however nonetheless difficult. Gamers need to determine a phrase via trial and error by making guesses to determine matching letters and letter positions. Ches’ Halloween costume known as “Hallo Wordl” lets passersby play a bodily model of the sport.

Hallo Wordl’s gameplay is just like normal Wordle, besides that the phrases are all spooky. These can embody phrases like “ghost” or “foggy.” There doesn’t appear to be any dictionary checking, so gamers can enter a string of characters that isn’t an actual world. However that isn’t a giant deal when this largely acts as an icebreaker for Halloween events. Gamers can enter their guesses utilizing a small 12-button keypad via T9-style typing (although there isn’t any predictive textual content). That may cease gen-z from taking part in Hallo Wordl, however it supplies a way more compact and inexpensive interface than a full keyboard.

The sport board shows on two 32×32 RGB LED matrix panels from Adafruit. An Arduino Mega 2560 controls the matrices utilizing Adafruit’s GFX, Matrix Panel, and BusIO libraries. To generate a seed for randomly deciding on a phrase, the Arduino polls one of many analog pins that doesn’t have something related and is subsequently “floating.” Energy comes from a 2200mAh 3s LiPo battery pack, which is sweet for round 4 hours of use. The parts match inside a tombstone-shaped, 3D-printed enclosure that Ches can put on on his chest. 

Ches already tried Hallo Wordl at a pre-Halloween occasion and reviews that it was successful.

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