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ios – How do I inform Siri which system I am speaking to?

When I’ve a number of Apple gadgets in the identical room, and I take advantage of “Hey Siri”, typically the mistaken system will reply. This is not at all times an issue, as a result of plenty of issues work the identical regardless of which system does them. Nonetheless, typically I will hear one thing like “You will have to unlock your iPad first” once I meant the request for my iPhone, which was unlocked lately sufficient that my request would have gone by positive. Or much more annoying, I will be in the identical room as my dad’s HomePod, and “Hey Siri” will not work on any of my gadgets as a result of they assume I am speaking to the HomePod, despite the fact that it is not on my Apple ID. (No Siri, remind me, not my dad.)

Is there any means for me to specify, once I say “Hey Siri”, which system I am speaking to, so I may be certain the right one will reply? I’ve tried saying e.g. “Hey Siri, iPhone, […]” however that does not appear to work.



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