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Magnetic Grippers For Producers

There are a lot of attainable functions for robots within the manufacturing course of, with probably the most frequent makes use of being present in machine tending, meeting, high quality inspection, packaging and palletizing functions. Robotic arms are able to performing repetitive duties precisely and with out taking a break, outperforming human staff by way of reliability and availability. A robotic arm gripper mechanism can substitute many capabilities of the human hand.


Finish-effector grippers on a robotic arm

Let’s take a second to overview the items of a robotic arm. Very similar to a human arm, a robotic arm has joints that mimic an elbow, wrist, and hand. 

The ‘gripper’ corresponds to the human hand and is also called a robotic end-effector or manipulator. Robotics firms have produced an array of grippers to fulfill the wants of producers, with magnetic robotic grippers being among the many hottest.

What’s a magnetic gripper and the way is it used?

A magnetic gripper gives a strategy to deal with the smallest of workpieces. Magnetic grippers use a magnetized floor to seize steel objects. Any such gripper would not often incorporate fingers or jaws, as an alternative counting on clean magnetic surfaces for dealing with. Magnetic grippers are widespread in industries the place sheet steel and automotive components are being moved alongside an meeting line.  

Whereas different kinds of manipulators depend on compressed air or hydraulics to generate motion and maintain the piece, magnetic grippers don’t. As a substitute, magnetic grippers use both electromagnets, which require DC energy or everlasting magnets, that are at all times on and don’t require energy to function.   

Though magnetic arm grippers can deal with a variety of potential functions, there are professionals and cons to any such industrial gripper.

Execs and cons of utilizing magnetic grippers

As with all tech resolution, there are advantages and disadvantages to selecting a magnetic robotic gripper. First, let’s study the advantages.  Any such manipulator often gives one floor to seize an object. This mitigates the problem of getting robotic fingers which might be too giant or uniform to deal with small and/or irregularly formed items. It additionally has a quick greedy pace. Electromagnets might be turned on or off immediately, enabling straightforward greedy and dislodging. Any such gripper additionally requires minimal upkeep, making it aflexible and cost-effective selection for producers. In contrast to vacuum grippers, a magnetic robotic gripper can maintain components with holes or uncommon grooves. It’s additionally vital to notice that any such end-effector is often low-maintenance. 

One of many potential drawbacks of magnetic grippers for manufacturing functions is that items might be straightforward to dislodge, inflicting components to slide out of the gripper’s grasp.   

Relying on the energy of the magnetic grip, even small collisions with close by staff or objects might trigger the workpiece to fall from the flat floor.  Moreover, even small quantities of oil on the floor of the gripper scale back the gripper’s potential to carry objects.

Additional, items can stay magnetized after being dealt with by a magnetic arm gripper, with the outcome that even in case you handle to drag the gripper away, the newly magnetized piece might connect itself to a different piece of steel. One other limitation of magnetic grippers is that they will solely deal with ferromagnetic supplies. 

Integrating UR+ options

At Common Robots, we design collaborative robots (or ‘cobots’) which might be extremely adaptable to your particular manufacturing and enterprise wants. Alongside our cobots, we created UR+ –the business’s largest ecosystem of peripherals and Software Kits. UR+ is designed to fulfill your automation necessities by supplying all of the UR+ licensed {hardware} and software program it’s essential to get began in your UR cobot software rapidly and affordably.

For instance, SMC’s MHM Magnetic Gripper Package is a system that’s ideally suited to functions that contain dealing with ferromagnetic workpieces, particularly these with irregular surfaces.



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