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Oracle Netsuite Interview Expertise (On-Campus)

ROUND 1: ONLINE WRITTEN TEST: It was the primary elimination spherical which consisted of 4 sections and had a number of subsections in it, the place each subsection had respective deadlines (which may be very much less) and likewise cutoffs, which is the principle motive for the problem of the take a look at. There isn’t any detrimental marking.

SECTION 1 (APTITUDE TEST): Subsections: Quantitative, logical, knowledge interpretation, Reasoning.

SECTION 2: CODING SKILLS: Combined sorts have been requested of which majority have been based mostly on AVL TREES (constructing, rotating, and so forth), SORTING ALGOS (mine was radix kind associated ques), BINARY TREES, BTREES, and so forth. The second part consisted of knowledge movement diagrams and their outputs. The third part was one thing like code snippets and their outputs.

SECTION 3 (CONTEXTUAL COMMUNICATION): The kind of ques(subsections) contains comprehension, grammar, antonyms, synonyms, sentence correction, ordering of sentences, elements of speech, and so forth. Comparatively, this was some type of simpler part of all, however one other difficult process was the ques time ratio was lower than a minute for the ques apart from the passages, which must be taken care of.

SECTION 4 (CS KNOWLEDGE): This part primarily checks your data of CS fundamentals and superior ideas. The subsections encompass OPERATING SYSTEMS, DBMS, SQL, COMPUTER NETWORKS, and CS KNOWLEDGE.


  • Began with the briefing about myself and requested about tasks and associated follow-up questions, if any.
  • Right away jumped into fixing questions (all my technical interviews are purely problem-solving sorts), he gave me a query to seek out the diameter of a binary tree. Fixing included drawing a pseudo tree on the board shared and first explaining the reply for the tree drawn after which the required method. He was glad with the tree drawn after which requested to put in writing the code, as there may very well be no additional optimization, he was glad (but when there may very well be an optimization, he asks to do it)
  • He requested me concerning the reminiscence effectivity of making an object to making a static methodology and an in depth dialogue of how each works for about 6-7 min.
  • He requested me about ACID properties in DBMS and requested me to clarify every intimately.
  • The final query he gave me was to seek out the longest substring with out repeating characters and gave me some take a look at instances to dry run them. As we have been working out of time, he was extra interested in my method than code. First, I gave the brute power method of discovering all of the substrings and discovering the longest one, however he requested me to additional optimize to linear time complexity. I then gave the method utilizing hashmap and he was all glad with that method.
  • The final half was any questions for him. The interview lasted for about 40 min.

ROUND 3: This spherical additionally began with a briefing about me and my tasks. He began with a definition of recursion after which a easy drawback stating discovering the facility of a quantity with out utilizing inbuilt features.

  • Advised him the brute power iterative method after which he advised me to optimize additional, (I didn’t work out the bit manipulation methodology), so went with divide and conquer of dealing with odd and even powers, even then he wasn’t glad and requested to additional optimize after which I corrected my code a bit however it’s not working for nook instances for quantity pow zero.
  • This query lasted for about 20-23 min after which one way or the other, I may do it after a few hints.
  • Then he requested me about tree traversals and an evidence for each traversal (so as particularly).
  • Then he requested me if I knew the iterative so as of a binary tree and requested me to attract a pseudo tree and requested me the output.
  • I advised him that I might use stack and carry my method, he was glad with my method and requested me to code and some comply with up’s like why solely stack and never queue and what’s a stack, and so forth. This one took me about 30-35 min and eventually, he gave me a tree to dry run particularly together with skewed bushes. He was a perfectionist and was not thought of my method however requested me to stroll him by means of the code and if the output was appropriate.
  • Then he requested me a query on arrays to seek out the triplet sum closest to zero, first I advised him the brute power, after which for optimization, I mentioned I might kind the array and carry out accordingly to my necessities (as he additionally requested for the quadruplet sum too).
  • its variation
  • its variation
  • The final query was based mostly on quicksort and requested me about the place quicksort has its worst-case and an in depth dialogue for about 15-20 min.
  • Requested concerning the Grasp’s theorem, Recurrence Relations, and some academic-related questions.
  • The previous couple of minutes have been any questions for him. This spherical lasted for round 1:30 hrs.

ROUND 4 (HR): This was a purely resume-based spherical and rarely does it have any technical questions.

  • A briefing right here too and an intro into the tasks.
  • Some obligatory HR questions like why oracle and so forth.
  • Then he shared her display and requested me to put in writing the method for a puzzle she’s but to present.
  • She then said to measure 9 minutes utilizing two hourglasses of seven and 4 min every.
  • Don’t immediately soar into the answer, as a substitute make clear what are the necessities and given issues.
  • She was glad with my method and requested me to put in writing the method on the board sharing.
  • This lasted for about 20-25 min.
  • The final half was any questions for her.




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