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Remap VMware Cloud DirectorTM customers to new Identification Suppliers – Half 1: Supplier customers

VMware Cloud Director has a brand new function added in 10.4.1 launch which gives flexibility to alter Identification Suppliers as per your alternative and comfort, with out dropping the sources assigned to the customers. VMware Cloud Director helps Light-weight Listing Entry Protocol (LDAP), Safety Assertion Markup Language (SAML) and OpenId Join (OIDC) protocols for authentication. You may swap between these protocols or migrate to a unique identification supplier with ease by remapping current customers to their identification in one other Identification Supplier. This weblog demonstrates how one can use the person administration API to perform this.

Moreover, VMware Cloud Director has introduced the deprecation of assist for native customers beginning with 10.4.1 launch (launch notes). VMware Cloud Director’s industry-compliant integrations with exterior Identification Suppliers provides advantages of most trendy and safe authentication schemes to its prospects. Clients can avail all of the options reminiscent of Two Issue Authentication/Multi Issue Authentication, biometric integrations, sensible card integrations, and so forth. with VMware Cloud Director. It additionally aids prospects staying updated with all future developments in authentication applied sciences.

Following is an instance to remap supplier (native) person to a SAML identification supplier federation. As of VMware Cloud Director 10.4.1, remapping a person is on the market solely as an API function. Thus, for all subsequent steps use an API shopper of your alternative. In my examples under, I’m utilizing Postman to carry out remapping.

Pre-requisite: Ensure that the Identification Supplier federation to which you need to remap person to is precisely configured.

  1. Login to VMware Cloud Director as an administrator (tenant or system administrator) and determine the person you need to remap. Right here, the person I’m remapping is ‘demouser’. This person is a neighborhood person.
  1. Login utilizing the API because the administrator; both utilizing their credentials (native or LDAP), IDP issued tokens (SAML or OAuth) or VMware Cloud Director’s API Token.
    API: POST “https”//{api_host}/cloudapi/1.0.0/periods” TextDescription automatically generated
  1. Retrieve the urn id of ‘demouser’ from question customers API.
    API: GET “https://{api_host}/cloudapi/1.0.0/customers” TextDescription automatically generated
    Now, utilizing this urn id, fetch full data of the person. Confer with Get Consumer for extra perception on this API.
    API: GET “https://{api_host}/cloudapi/1.0.0/customers/urn:vcloud:person:bafe9a31-1810-4108-8754-3ece52a4e963”
  1. Copy full data of the person from earlier step and edit following properties to be used as physique of the next PUT request.
    • Replace the ‘username’ to replicate the person’s username within the new Identification Supplier. Whereas this instance reveals a definite username getting used, it’s doable to have less complicated updates like switching from username to e mail tackle, and so forth.
    • Replace the ‘providerType’ based mostly on the kind of new Identification Supplier. New values of ‘providerType’ may very well be OIDC, SAML, LOCAL, LDAP.

    Ship PUT request for the person to be remapped. Confer with replace person for extra perception on this API.
    API: PUT “https://{api_host}/cloudapi/1.0.0/customers/urn:vcloud:person:bafe9a31-1810-4108-8754-3ece52a4e963”

The person ‘demouser’ has now been remapped to the tenant’s SAML identification supplier and their username has been remapped to ‘’.

Customers might be remapped from one IDP federation to a different utilizing the identical course of. In case you are remapping a person to ‘LOCAL’ supplier sort, along with updating the supplier sort replace password within the physique of PUT request.

In subsequent a part of this weblog sequence, we are going to remap a tenant person.

Try the entire newest enhancements in VMware Cloud Director 10.4.



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