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Synergy of decreased graphene oxide and metallic oxides improves the facility issue of thermoelectric cement matrix composites: Fullerenes, Nanotubes and Carbon Nanostructures: Vol 30, No 8


Thermoelectric cement, a practical materials that realizes the mutual conversion of thermal and electrical power, has extensive software prospects in power harvesting and concrete warmth island impact mitigation. On this article, metallic oxides and decreased graphene oxide (RGO) have been added by means of ethanol liquid-phase mixing and pre-dispersion processes to the cement-based composites to reinforce the thermoelectric properties. The addition of metallic oxide will increase the metallic oxide/cement interface (metallic oxide to cement interface, metallic oxide to RGO interface, and so forth.). The presence of high-density interfaces hinders the service movement and results in service scattering on the interfaces, which reinforces the Seebeck impact of cement matrix composites. When the TiO2 content material is 10.0 wt%, the RGO cement matrix composite achieved an influence issue (PF) of 1.23 μWm−1 Ok−2, which was 10 instances greater than earlier than the addition. This research is a novel thought for additional enhancing the thermoelectric properties of cementitious composites and selling their sensible purposes.



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