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This Week’s Superior Tech Tales From Across the Internet (By means of July 2)


We Requested GPT-3 to Write an Educational Paper About Itself—Then We Tried to Get It Revealed
Almira Osmanovic Thunström | Scientific American
“On a wet afternoon earlier this 12 months, I logged in to my OpenAI account and typed a easy instruction for the corporate’s synthetic intelligence algorithm, GPT-3: Write an instructional thesis in 500 phrases about GPT-3 and add scientific references and citations contained in the textual content. Because it began to generate textual content, I stood in awe. Right here was novel content material written in tutorial language, with well-grounded references cited in the appropriate locations and in relation to the appropriate context. It seemed like some other introduction to a reasonably good scientific publication.”


We’re Coaching AI Twice as Quick This Yr as Final
Samuel Okay. Moore | IEEE Spectrum
“In accordance with the perfect measures we’ve acquired, a set of benchmarks known as MLPerf, machine-learning techniques may be educated almost twice as rapidly as they might final 12 months. It’s a determine that outstrips Moore’s Legislation, but in addition one we’ve come to anticipate. Many of the achieve is because of software program and techniques improvements, however this 12 months additionally gave the primary peek at what some new processors, notably from Graphcore and Intel subsidiary Habana Labs, can do.”


Mojo’s Sensible Contact Lenses Start In-Eye Testing
Scott Stein | CNET
“The lenses allow eye-controlled head-up shows to seem to hover in-air, approaching a kind of monochromatic Google Glass-like AR interface with out glasses. The corporate’s solely doing checks with one lens in a single eye for the second, though the following purpose is to have two lenses worn without delay for 3D visible overlays.”


CRISPR, 10 Years On: Studying to Rewrite the Code of Life
Carl Zimmer | The New York Occasions
i‘I bear in mind pondering very clearly, once we publish this paper, it’s like firing the beginning gun at a race,’ she stated. In only a decade, CRISPR has turn out to be one of the crucial celebrated innovations in fashionable biology. It’s swiftly altering how medical researchers research illnesses: Most cancers biologists are utilizing the tactic to find hidden vulnerabilities of tumor cells. Medical doctors are utilizing CRISPR to edit genes that trigger hereditary illnesses. ‘The period of human gene modifying isn’t coming,’ stated David Liu, a biologist at Harvard College. ‘It’s right here.’i


Protein Blobs Linked to Alzheimer’s Have an effect on Getting old in All Cells
Vivianne Callier | Quanta Journal
“The growing older brains of individuals with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and different neurodegenerative illnesses are suffused with telltale aggregates of proteins in or round their neurons. …However a current research by a staff of Stanford College researchers means that protein aggregation could also be a common phenomenon in growing older cells and may very well be concerned in lots of extra illnesses of growing older than was suspected.”


Cruise Robotaxis Blocked Site visitors for Hours on This San Francisco Avenue
Rebecca Bellan | TechCrunch
“Greater than a half dozen Cruise robotaxis stopped working and sat in a road in San Francisco late Tuesday evening, blocking site visitors for a few hours till workers arrived and manually moved the autonomous autos. …The mishap comes lower than every week after Cruise launched its first absolutely driverless, industrial robotaxi service within the metropolis.”


NASA’s DART Mission Will Completely Deform Dimorphos Asteroid
Passant Rabie | Gizmodo
“NASA’s DART spacecraft is presently on its solution to a binary asteroid system generally known as Didymos and can basically crash into one tiny asteroid to check out a deflection methodology. However fairly than forsaking an affect crater as initially supposed, the DART spacecraft may very well deform the mini-moon, making it almost unrecognizable.”


The Authorities Is Growing a Photo voltaic Geoengineering Analysis Plan
James Temple | MIT Know-how Evaluate
“The White Home is growing a analysis plan that may information and set requirements for the way scientists research one of many extra controversial methods of  counteracting local weather change: photo voltaic geoengineering. The essential thought is that we would have the ability to intentionally tweak the local weather system in ways in which launch extra warmth into house, cooling an in any other case warming planet. The transfer, which has not been beforehand reported on, marks the primary federally coordinated US effort of this sort.”


This Warehouse Robotic Reads Human Physique Language to Be a Higher Coworker
Will Knight | Wired
“Rodney Brooks is aware of a good bit about robots. Apart from being a pioneer of educational robotics analysis, he has based corporations which have given the world the robotic vacuum cleaner, the bomb disposal bot, and a manufacturing unit robotic anybody can program. Now Brooks desires to introduce one other revolutionary kind of robotic helper—a cell warehouse robotic with the flexibility to learn human physique language to inform what employees round it are doing.”


World’s Oldest Timber Reveal the Largest Photo voltaic Storm in Historical past
Ethan Siegel | Huge Assume
“One of many biggest threats to all of humanity’s digital and electrified infrastructure is a photo voltaic storm, which has the potential to trigger a multi-trillion greenback catastrophe. At present, we’ve got no adequate protections in place to defend towards an occasion equivalent to the good storm of 1859: generally known as the Carrington occasion. However within the years 774-775, an excellent bigger cosmic occasion occurred, putting Earth with a fury by no means seen earlier than. After a ten 12 months investigation, we’ve discovered that the Solar is much more violent—and extra threatening—than we’d ever imagined.”


By Exploring Digital Worlds, AI Learns in New Methods
Allison Whitten | Quanta Journal
“Whether or not they exist in simulations or the true world, embodied AI brokers are studying extra like us, on duties which are extra like those we do on daily basis. …’I see a convergence of deep studying, robotic studying, imaginative and prescient and likewise even language,’ [Fei-Fei] Li stated. ‘And now I feel via this moonshot or North Star in the direction of embodied AI, we’re going to be taught the foundational expertise of intelligence, or AI, that may actually result in main breakthroughs.’i

Picture Credit score: Maxim Berg / Unsplash



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