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This Week’s Superior Tech Tales From Across the Internet (By means of Sept 3)


An AI-generated Paintings’s State Honest Victory Fuels Arguments Over ‘What Artwork Is’
James Vincent | The Verge
“The rise of text-to-AI picture turbines has solely simply begun, however already, the packages are sparking heated debates in regards to the nature of artwork, whether or not this software program poses a menace to artists’ livelihoods, and whether or not or not the businesses that create these techniques [owe] something to the artists whose work their packages are educated on.”


A New Gene Remedy Primarily based on Antibody Cells Is About to Be Examined in People
Antonio Regalado | MIT Know-how Overview
“The idea is to engineer B cells in order that they manufacture different proteins as an alternative of antibodies. For [the rare inherited disease MPS-1], what’s wanted is an enzyme whose absence causes various and devastating signs. Sufferers with the sickness are at present handled with weekly infusions of the lacking enzyme, but it surely’s not sufficient to treatment the illness outright. Immusoft says it will possibly engineer B cells to supply the enzyme as an alternative.”


Why DeepMind Is Sending AI Humanoids to Soccer Camp
Amit Katwala | Wired
DeepMind’s try to educate an AI to play soccer began with a digital participant writhing round on the ground—so it nailed no less than one facet of the sport proper from kickoff. …The work—revealed this week within the journal Science Robotics—may appear frivolous, however studying the basics of soccer may at some point assist robots to maneuver round our world in additional pure, extra human methods.”


Contra-Rotating Floating Generators Promise Unprecedented Scale and Energy
Loz Blain | New Atlas
“This design, says the corporate, is much simpler to scale than [horizontal-axis wind turbines], and will develop as much as a ridiculous 400 m (1,312 ft) in top, with a monster 40-megawatt capability per unit. In an interview with Recharge, firm representatives seem to have urged a projected levelized price of power (LCoE) of lower than $50 per megawatt—lower than half the LCoE the US Power Info Administration initiatives for the common offshore wind challenge going to market in 2027.”


A New Strategy to Automotive Batteries Is About to Remodel EVs
Mark Andrews | Wired
“Auto firms are designing methods to construct a automobile’s gasoline cells into its body, making electrical rides cheaper, roomier, and capable of hit ranges of 620 miles. …Based on Euan McTurk, a guide battery electrochemist at Plug Life Consulting, since applied sciences reminiscent of cell-to-pack, cell-to-body, and cell-to-chassis battery development enable batteries to be extra effectively distributed contained in the automobile, they get us a lot nearer to a hypothetical excellent EV battery.”


What Does GPT-3 ‘Know’ About Me?
Melissa Heikkilä | MIT Know-how Overview
“If you happen to’ve posted something even remotely private in English on the web, likelihood is your information could be a part of a few of the world’s hottest LLMs. …That poses a ‘ticking time bomb’ for privateness on-line, and opens up a plethora of safety and authorized dangers, warns Florian Tramèr, an affiliate professor of laptop science at ETH Zürich who has studied LLMs. In the meantime, efforts to enhance the privateness of machine studying and regulate the know-how are nonetheless of their infancy.”



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