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Tindie Weblog | Actual-Time 3D Printing Sensor For A Stage Mattress!

On the planet of 3D printing, you need your mattress to be completely degree with respect to the print head in any respect factors. Issues are not often ever good, however your printer could possibly compensate by probing the mattress floor earlier than the print course of begins. This sort of compensation in real-time is generally out of the query as a result of have to bodily strategy the mattress for measurement, however Mark’s Mattress Distance Sensor presents a non-proximity choice, eliminating the necessity for this touch-off probing operation altogether.

The sensor is ready to measure the space from mattress to nozzle because the print progresses, with a decision of .01mm (accuracy +/- .005mm), at a distance of as much as 7mm. This non-contact measurement setup may even account for adjustments within the mattress after the print course of begins. That is demonstrated in an incredible method at round the1:15 mark within the video beneath. A device is caught beneath the mattress whereas printing, and the print head retains going with out lacking a beat:

As of now, the sensor is simply appropriate with Marlin firmware, and also you’ll want a management board with 2 free GPIO pins to hook it up. The code and additional info on how the machine works is discovered on GitHub.



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