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Tindie Weblog | Mixture USB-to-UART and UPDI Dongle

Are you usually creating on the ESP8266/ESP32 platforms? Do you additionally use the brand new AVR microcontrollers that use UPDI? Then this useful dongle is for you! It packs each features, in addition to a 3.3V regulator right into a small USB-C dongle.

It makes use of the CH340C in a intelligent option to do each serial communication utilizing the standard USB-to-UART protocol, in addition to SerialUPDI programming. This fashion, it might deal with the brand new AVR-1 collection microcontrollers just like the tiny417/817/1617 and in addition program ESP microcontrollers. Plus, it’s all the time useful to have a 3.3V UART round for speaking with 3.3V microcontrollers, which have gotten an increasing number of frequent.

The onboard 3.3V regulator can provide as much as 800mA, which is loads for even medium-sized microcontroller tasks. It has an LED to indicate when energy is on, and a jumper to disconnect the three.3V output so you’ll be able to safely use it to program 5V UPDI targets. Burgduino additionally has an Arduino Nano adapter for programming UPDI targets that gives the identical cost-effective method as this dongle however instantly helps outputting 5V if that’s a requirement in your mission.

I’ve realized over time you could just about by no means have too many USB-to-UART dongles within the lab. I like that this one makes use of USB-C, which is rapidly changing into the dominant commonplace on just about all microcontroller dev boards and equipment! I’ve been slowly making an attempt to do away with all my micro B dongles, so this one is a superb alternative if you happen to’re making an attempt to standardize on USB-C.



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