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Tindie Weblog | Straightforward Pc Audio to your Baofeng!

I’ve been an beginner radio hobbyist for fairly a couple of years now, and like many who’ve gotten began prior to now decade, I began out with a Baofeng UV-5R as my VHF/UHF radio. As a result of these are so cheap and have an easy-to-use audio interface, you are able to do a whole lot of neat stuff with them, together with APRS, digital communication (together with sending/receiving electronic mail over the air!) and way more. With a purpose to get this working, nevertheless, you want some technique to interface a pc to your radio. Enter this nice little CM108 to Baofeng adapter board!

The CM108 is an easy-to-find USB soundcard that works with nearly any laptop and OS on the market, together with Raspberry Pis and different single-board computer systems. It’s plug-and-play — you plug it in, and new audio units present up. Should you join certainly one of these to this adapter board, you get an interface that plugs instantly into the radio. All you want is an additional headset cable — and they’re a dime a dozen on-line. This prevents you from having to attach on to the radio and likewise takes care of triggering the Push-To-Discuss or PTT utilizing a MOSFET.

Should you’ve wished to get into digital modes together with your VHF/UHF station, this can be a nice technique to get began. Choose up certainly one of these boards, a CM108, and a spare headset cable (or simply chop up the one which comes with the radio — that’s what I did initially!) and also you’re able to go. You need to use software program like FLdigi, Xastir, and Winlink Categorical to experiment with all kinds of neat digital modes!

And should you’re not an beginner radio license holder but — what’s stopping you? The necessities range by nation, however per week spent finding out and sometimes a small price will get you on the air! There’s a lot of cool hacking occurring within the beginner radio house, so don’t miss out!



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